About us

TMA Bulk Pool is exclusively managed by TMA Bulk GmbH & Co. KG which was established in Hamburg, Germany in January 2020 to provide industry-leading commercial management solutions. The management team is highly-experienced in the drybulk market and especially the management of shipping pools.

TMA Bulk GmbH & Co. KG ensures for the timely handling of all daily chartering, operations and core commercial management functions including accounting, reporting and claims handling. TMA Bulk is actively providing competitive commercial management solutions in the dry bulk market, outside the highly specialized dry bulk Handysize pool structure.


TMA Bulk GmbH & Co. KG ensures high-quality commercial management services and reliable sea transport solutions by optimal fleet utilisation. Our principal focus is the Handysize and Supra-/Ultramax sectors in which our team has a proven record of outperforming expertise.


TMA Bulk Pool Inc. brings together an exclusive fleet of modern dry bulk Handysize vessels. The fleet of TMA Bulk Pool is comprised of a variety of exceptional designs, built in first class Japanese and Chinese shipyards. The fleet consists of 20 high specification member vessels.

The extensive and proven experience of our senior management professionals allows for the Pool‘s competitive performance and attractive results. Our intention is to carefully grow our fleet by adding third parties and timechartering vessels that meet the standards of our founding member vessels.




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